The Voice Fans Shocked Blake Shelton Snub Wife Gwen

Fans of THE VOICE are still in disbelief over coach Blake Shelton's recent treatment of his wife and fellow coach Gwen Stefani.

After turning his chair around, he "blocked" her from selecting the contestant, who was 15 years old.

Ansley Burns stunned the judges on Tuesday's program with her performance of Unchained Melody.

Blake pushed a button, and his chair spun after she finished performing for about 50 seconds.

He prevented Gwen from choosing the participant since the camera captured him pressing Gwen's name.

That, however, vanished instantly as the phrase "BLOCKED" substituted for her name on the screen.

She noticed and said, "Hey!" while holding her hands out. Blake laughed as he leaned back in his chair.

Blake, the comedian, pulled her out as they were both seated in his coaching chairs and said: "Camila, you really ruined my joke.

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