The Wachowskis, according to Keanu Reeves, helped inspire his new Netflix anime "BRZRKR."

This past weekend saw the debut of a buzzy new Comic-Con teaser for "John Wick: Chapter 4," but it wasn't the only movie Keanu Reeves was promoting there. 

The celebrity also took part in a panel for "BRZRKR," a comic book series he and Matt Kindt co-write.

The series, which centres on an 80,000-year-old warrior with the ability to punch people in the chest, launched in 2021 and a live-action Netflix film is already in the works. 

Reeves, though, was present-oriented as he talked about his passion for creating "BRZRKR," which provided him "some of the most creative days of my life," and his love of comic books.

It was always a happy day when I was that youngster returning with bags of comic books, he added (via The Hollywood Reporter). 

The debut of the first issue, according to the actor, was one of his career high points. "I'm somewhat of an adult, and this is the nicest fucking Christmas I've ever had," I exclaimed.

Reeves described how he tried to counteract his protagonist's violent impulses with more complex human feelings, showing his love for the comic.

He remarked, "I had this character in mind that I wanted to strike people in the chest and take their limbs off.