The Yale Assure Lock 2 is a potential all-around 

.1. The Yale Assure Lock 2 starts at $159.99 for a physical keypad and $179.99 for a touchscreen, with either option available with or without a physical keyhole

Additionally, all of the locks are compatible with Yale's auto-unlock feature, which opens the door as you approach using the Bluetooth radio lock and the location of your phone. 

When it works, it's pretty fantastic, but I'd prefer a fingerprint read

Yale's Assure 2 Lock, like its prior smart locks, uses networking modules to add various connectivity options 

Although having a lock with Wi-Fi built  in is fantastic, I don't believe most people.  should get this model 

Keep in mind that a Thread border  router is also required for the  Matterversion

And each Assure 2 module with older Assure locks from Yale