The Yellowstone's Taylor Sheridan Has Some Competition With Morgan Freeman Set To Star in a Different Bass Reeves Serie

We've all been anticipating the "whole brand new universe of Taylor Sheridan" for a while right now, since he is working on seven shows planned.

One of the shows is about the famous early African American lawman Bass Reeves, which features David Oyelowo, 

who worked as an official of the federal government during the Indian Territory during the post-reconstruction period, 

and was responsible for capturing three thousand of the most dangerous criminals in the time. 

A lot of people believe Reeves was the inspiration behind the character of the Lone Ranger as well. 

The Bass Reeves story will be an adaptation of 1883 production on the show is officially underway.

Yet, Taylor Sheridan may have some competition when it comes to telling the Bass Reeves story,  

as Prime Video has a show that is based on the famous lawman named Twin Territories,according to Deadline.

It's also starring none less but Morgan Freeman. While Freeman isn't Reeves in the film