There's only one New Yorker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fights for: herself44

There are a lot of unpleasant things happening in New York that a lawmaker who a large part of the time thought of her as constituents could attempt to manage,  

In any case, not Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 32-year-old woke Democrat from Westchester who tends to New York's fourteenth Congressional District  

That takes in bits of Queens and the Bronx, where tenants are encountering developing horrendous approach to acting and extension.

Since she's been strong regions for a voice for essentially four years, you would figure she could make herself consistent to her constituents.

Taking into account everything, all she does is make a demonstration of herself. 

Her Instagram account, with more than 8 million accomplices, incorporates, when in doubt, of close-up photos of her extraordinary face  

"AOC, my #1 monster item Latina," Stein said, recording himself as the delegate walked around in a white sew cut back dress.

I love you, AOC. You're my major. She really wants to kill babies yet she's at this point perfect.