This November, Nerf will release its first gel blaster with 10,000 rounds.

You've never seen a Nerf blaster like this one before. It fires soft, 

water-infused gel pellets rather than foam darts or balls that may be reused.

Pellets are so small and inexpensive that you can fit 800 of them into this blaster right out of the box.

With a 7.4V battery that is included and rechargeable, swappable, 

and rechargeable using a USB-C cable, it will shoot them automatically, exactly like a phone.

It's called the Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic and will cost $79.99 in November.  

It's amazing to see that such a thing even exists, in part because it's so different from kid-friendly darts 

and in part because it seems like Hasbro is finally admitting that

it doesn't need to invent the wheel to appeal to an older audience.