Three Reasons Why Being Web 3.0-Ready is Essential for Your Busine

Web 3.0 is here and the technology is moving faster than ever... Are you ready for it?

Last year, I wrote about technological advancements and the digital revolution using blockchain technology. 

You can read . Let me summarize: Blockchain technology can provide compelling benefits such as decreased counterparty risk, 

accurate ownership records and fair distributions of value to key network participant.  

To move our financial infrastructure's backbone to blockchain technology, all stakeholders must work together.

Although I spoke specifically about finance, blockchain technology is much more than cryptocurrency. 

Blockchain technology is changing the way we view entertainment and digital asset ownership. Recently, 

Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order in California that focused on blockchain-based businesses 

He urged California's Business, Consumer Services, Housing Agency, and Department of Financial Protection and Innovation,  

to work with these companies. Governor Newsom stated that "about a quarter" of the 800 North American  

blockchain businesses are located in California. This is a significant increase over any other state.