Tik toker $200 wedding dress shock goes viral

The biggest expense when it comes to organizing a wedding is the dress. Many of us fork out thousands of dollars for a white gown once then shove it away in the cupboard.  

The packaging resembled the shape of a basketball rather than something held by a gown and the sender appeared to have used an entire roll of sticky tape to keep it together.  

The decided to share a video of the ridiculous unboxing to tiktok which has been viewed 25 million times for ordering an online dress for your wedding.  

I bought a $200 wedding dress online and had to use small scissors to carefully cut off the mountain of stickt tape to get the dress inside.  

The people quickly assumed madi had been delivered the wrong item they first spotted the pink fabric she later revealed she had for a pink and blue non traditional gown for her ceremony. 

The dress added that she was showing tik tok before my own family. Everyone was just with people compared to little peep and even Christmas.

The positive and funny thing mentioned is that I am super happy and no one can change my mind about being excited for the big day. I gleefully say white dress since I was a little girl.