TikTok Denies: App To Track Individuals in the US 

By ;ramya

october 21,2022


image credit :google

According to TikTok, it does not track users' precise GPS locations in the US, thus it can't be used to monitor people. 

In reaction to a Forbes report that claimed a team from the app's parent firm. 

ByteDance, had intended to use the app to monitor "the personal location of some specific American residents. 

According to Forbes, the monitoring project's personnel works for ByteDance's Internal Audit and Risk Control division. 

Investigations into alleged misbehavior by current and former firm workers are normally the responsibility of this section. 

However, TikTok has claimed that Forbes left out the part of its statement that stated that it doesn't gather precise GPS locations. 

 Additionally, TikTok emphasized that it had never been used to target US government officials, celebrities, activists, or journalists, 

 and that it does not provide them with content that is different from that which is available to other users. 

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