TikTok Security Deal Probably Allow US Data 

By priya

october 20,2022


image credit :google

TikTok Security Deal Will Probably Allow US Data to Flow to China 

Even if the Biden administration negotiates a security pact meant to exempt the video platform . 

from a comprehensive US ban, TikTok users would still run the danger , 

of having their personal information exposed to hackers and spying by China. 

Former national security officials and other experts have come to that conclusion 

The Justice Department considers a deal that would allow the well-known video-streaming app,  

which is controlled by China's ByteDance Ltd.,  

to continue to be accessible to its millions of US users. 

Authorities from France and The Netherlands have also started preliminary investigations into TikTok,  

according to Reuters, adding to the list. One key issue that unites all of the studies is data privacy. 

 By January 2022, there were 5.5 times as many adult users in America than there were in the previous 18 months.

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