Timothy Dalton Play Major Villain in Yellowstone Prequel 


By ;ramya

october 18 2022

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 In the Yellowstone prequel series, 1923, Timothy Dalton will play the lead role.  

The former 007 will play Donald Whitfield, a "strong, self-confident man who reeks of riches and the lack of humanity it required to obtain it. 

 Yellowstone's prequel, 1923, will examine how "pandemics, record drought, the repeal of Prohibition,  

and the Great Depression all affect the mountain west and the Duttons who call it home." 

In addition to Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford, Dalton is just the most recent A-lister to join the Yellowstone prequel. 

 Dalton has exhibited his acting prowess in more evil roles, such as Hot Fuzz and The Rocketeer

Although he is perhaps best remembered for playing James Bond in films like The Living Daylights and License to Kill

 In addition, Yellowstone will begin its fifth season next month. 

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