To "Bones and All" from "Blonde," Discover These Must-Listen Audiobooks 

Throughout the rest of the year, a brand-new batch of films with a literary theme will be released in theatres as we enter the fall film festival season. 

The movies that open at festivals like Telluride, Venice, Toronto, and New York are the ones that populate nominations lists for awards.

lists a few months later, so the festivals give audiences an early look at the films . 

that will be in the spotlight at the Oscars, film critics awards, and all the other end-of-year kudos fests.

there is a way to familiarise yourself with many of these works even before they make their festival 

debuts and appear on streaming or movie screens: read the books they are based on.

There are at least eight adaptations here, albeit they won't be competing for the best original screenplay award.