To invent the future, it sure seems like Google is struggling 

According to TechCrunch,Google made a few  serious cuts to startup incubator Area 120, cutting half of its projects. 

The area 120 was given Google employees purpose is somewhere to experiment or chase their passion projects.

The hope that employees would stumble upon the next Big Idea like Adsense, Gmail, or Google News.

 Google may be losing its stomach for huge bets and experimentation, rather trying to focus its efforts on what makes money today.

 To help invent new categories of tech like self-driving cars or ambient computing,it’ll be hard for it to come up with the next Gmail, Google Assistant, or Chrome OS and almost impossible

The company wants to be 20 percent more efficient and productive,CEO Sundar Pichai says.

In a memo earlier this summer, CEO Sundar Pichai urged employees to be “more entrepreneurial.” 

They have the impression that the tech giant’s employees mostly keep legacy products instead of building new ones.

Pixelbook project that was “deep into development” to cut costs, Google cancelled.