To keep some posts private, anyone can now use Twitter Circle.

It's now possible for everyone to use Twitter Circle, a tool that allows you to 

restrict the audience to whom your tweets are sent.

In May, the site began testing the function among "chosen people" in preparation for a wider deployment.

Instagram's "close friends" function, which allows you to share your posts with 

a more intimate group of users, is quite similar to Twitter Circle.

No matter if they follow you or not, on Twitter you can add up to 150 individuals to your Circle.

You can select to share a tweet only with your Circle rather than the entire Twitterverse when you wish to send it out.

when you open the tweet composer, the choice to share to your Circle.  

Select Circle after selecting the dropdown menu in the composer's top right corner.

By clicking the Edit icon that displays next to the selection, you may select who you wish to include in your Circle.