Toddler feeds Mom broccoli instead of a cookie after declining to split a snack with her. 

By priya

october 18,2022


image credit :google

The opening scene of either the video shows Willow approaching the counter of her "restaurant" 

Asking, "What do you like, ma'am? She tells her mother, "

As she waits for her mother to place her order.

 The toddler bites into a cookie.

 Sarah responds, "That cookie seems very tasty.

 Willow stares at her mother warily as her eyes enlarge. 

The toddler's lack of enthusiasm for the idea of being given the cookies she is currently eating is obvious.

Willow asks again, this time disregarding her mother's remark about just the cookie, "What did you enjoy ma'am?"

 I'd like that cookie, please.

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