Tom Brady, a marketing genius, employs "dude without sign" to promote underwear

Tom Brady is back in the same place he was when he took his famous photo of the NFL Scouting Combine

Tom Brady is a social media icon. He left the New England Patriots in order to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

and has since become a marketing genius for his underwear brand.

o promote the Brady Brandboxer briefs, the 44-year old quarterback hired @dudewiththesign [ Seth Phillips] on Twitter.

Brady shared a photo in which he is pointing at Phillips. He's holding a sign that says 

" Stop Promoting Your Underwear, Tom." Brady captioned the tweet with "No".

He also responded to the tweet by providing a link to Brady Brand's online shop.

The caption reads, "Look at how beautiful Seth looks in these stuff."

Tom Brady wearing underwear He wasn't the only one who wore the briefs this time, but Brady was the first to go viral for his underwear in a video 

that his wife Giselle Bundchen recorded. It showed Brady in the bathroom in his undies.

Brady is now in a full-circlemoment after enduring a lifetime of being criticized by pundits for his 2002 NFL Scouting Combine photograph.

He's now a bit of an underwear model, but the combine photo will be with him for a long time. So much so that he jokedly asked Elon Musk to delete it from Twitter.

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