Tom Brady's standard set by Aaron Rodgers

Perhaps it's due to the fact that he fights back against the national media's penchant for fabricating stories? 

Perhaps it's the fact that he prefers Pat McAfee and Joe Rogan than ESPN and Fox Sports?

Whatever the cause, it seems that Aaron Rodgers is regarded differently than other people. Recent developments involving Tom Brady have once again brought this tendency to light.

Brady missed some of the offseason and missed the start of the preseason for an extra 11 days. When he eventually decided to address it, his remarks were brief and ambiguous.

Everybody is coping with a distinct set of circumstances. Each of us has quite distinct obstacles in life. Man, I'm 45 years old. There is a lot going on, . It is an ongoing process.

You would have every blue checkmark on the internet tweeting about it if Aaron missed a half-day of practise  He would be on the FBI's ten most wanted list if he skipped 11 days of class, right?

Aaron Rodgers is the league's worst villain due to his indecision throughout the summer and desire to make a private health decision?