Trump billed the Security Agency 'exorbitant' prices at his resorts, Report claims. 

By priya

october 18,2022


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According to cost records recently completed by Congress 

The previous president's corporation charged the secret service agents.

 Approximately five times the government rate for officers to spend the night at Trump properties despite guarding him and his family.

According to the data, the Trump Foundation charged the Security Detail significantly.

 That was more than the authorised government rate in 40 instances.

 With one instance showing that agents were charged $1,185 per night to stay.

 At the Trump Global Hotel in Washington, D.C. 

A congressional commission's assessment of the latest billing records.

 We're  revealed to be the Security Detail members.

 We're  revealed to be the Security Detail members.

And accommodations at Trump buildings for the president.

His family's security cost U.S. tax paying citizens at least $1.4 million.

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