Trump likes a QAnon song.

– Crowds react when QAnon song-like music is played at a Trump rally.

– The former president gave a sombre speech in Ohio that included music.

– That was nearly the same as the movement's theme song.

– The former president Donald Trump gave the impression that he was more supportive of QAnon on Saturday.

When he played the music that inspired rally goers in Ohio to 

– salute in remembrance of the cult-like conspiracy theory's anthem.

Numerous audience members raised their fingers in the air as Trump spoke 

– seemingly making a reference to the "1" in the song's title. 

– For some Trump staffers, it was the first time they could recall such a show taking place at one of his rallies.

– The music that was played at the event, according to Trump's aides, was named "Mirrors," 

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