Twitter can't get Costco and remove the favorite offer item from the fans 

There is something irresistible about the Costco food court.

 It's a hassle-free, fun, fast, and inexpensive way to reward and thank you after that gigantic cart pushes for an hour 

 And because you've probably spent $ 300 on steaks, your favorite Kirkland merchandise, faucets, toilet paper and garden chairs,

 a giant, greasy slice of pizza for $ 1.99 always look great. The seller, famous for his delicious pizza, cup and offers of hot dog and soda for $ 1.50, who recently took steps 

to make it easier to shop at everyone's favorite warehouse - was forced to accept his offer to cut during the COVID-19 pandemic and some unfortunately the items did not return

 As the saying goes, nothing lasts forever, and that includes some of Costco's favorite dishes. 

As Eat This, Not That! in September 2021 and was recently mourned by at least one Reddit thread and a Costco shopper on Twitter, as if a pizza combo had left the building ... for good. 

The combined pizza is great because it starts like all Costco pizzas 

 goodies straight from Brooklyn, New York, special pans, sauce robots and extra oil, according to this video on YouTube.

But it's the generous, tasty toppings included in the pizza combination that make it tempting and satisfying,