Twitter expands access to an experimental status feature 

By Sandhya

October 6.2022

Twitter's throwback feature, Twitter Status, is expanding the list of potential status updates to choose from today, continuing testing that began this July

A cross between MySpace Moods and Facebook Status, the feature allows users to tag posts with an additional expression beyond a tweet,

such as "Shower Thoughts," "Spoiler Alert" or "The Picture of the Day."

Now, the company is adding common Twitter slang to its list, allowing users to tag their tweets  

with things like “Don't @ me,” “Tweeting it into existence” “That's it, that's the Tweet” and more. 

The expansion was first spotted by app researcher Jane Manchun Wang, and Twitter confirmed on Monday that the addition had been rolled out to Twitter Status testers. 

Other new status options now available include “Breaking News,” “Gaming,” “Pet of the Day,” “So Healthy,” “Then and Now,” “To Whom It May Concern,” “Touching the Grass,” “Twitter Your Thing.

However, this launch is not one of the "early access" features offered to Twitter's paid customers as part of their Twitter Blue subscription. 

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