Twitter provides Elon Musk with a lot of data amid spam, a fake account conflict:

Following the release of the "fire hose" user data earlier this month, Twitter gave Elon Musk even more.

Insider says Musk's legal group sent a letter to the council on Twitter last week stating that 

the data was still "inadequate." Sources said Musk was "dissatisfied" with the data received because his team failed its own tests to determine the percentage of spam and fake accounts.

The new data is likely to include real-time API information that Musk's group said it could perform its own analysis, according to Insider.

A Twitter spokesman declined to comment directly on the report, but reiterated an earlier 

statement that the social media giant "shares and will continue to share information with Mr. Musk to complete the transaction in accordance with the terms of the agreement." cohesion policy.... One day I called Johnny and said, '

Musk's representatives did not immediately return FOX Business's request for coMusk, which signed an agreement in April to acquire a $ 44 billion Twitter