Twitter suspended Jordan Peterson's account following comments made regarding Elliot Page

A tweet made by Jordan Peterson about transgender actor Elliot Page that was in violation of Twitter's"against harmful behavior 

guidelines, reportedly led to his being banned from the social media platform.

Screenshots of the tweet that was deemed offensive from the Twitter account of the Canadian clinical psychologist are available on the internet. 

The tweet read: "Remember when pride was an offense? and Ellen Page just had her breasts removed by a doctor who was a criminal. "

In the year 2020, Page came out as transgender, and announced that he'd take on the name Elliot. 

Peterson is being accused of "deadnaming" his 25-year old "Umbrella Academy" actor According to many.

The 60-year-old Peterson who on Thursday began work on the conservative radio show Daily Wire,  

is well-known for his anti-trans-bias stance. When he appeared on the Joe Rogan show,  

Peterson has declared that being transgender is an "contagion" and that it is similar with "satanic sexual abuse."