Undertaker Reacts To Stephanie McMahon's WWE Promotion

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker accepts Stephanie McMahon has the stuff to handle her new job as WWE Chairwomen and CEO. 

The previous WWE Champion is known as one of Vince McMahon's #1 gifts ever 

However that didn't prevent Taker from stacking acclaim on Vince's in-between time supplanting during a meeting with Sports Illustrated.

"Stephanie is staggering, and she will show that in this new job," Taker said. "She is practical, she understands the situation from start to finish. 

Her consistent, quiet hand is precisely very thing is required. There's not a childish bone in her body, but rather she's about business.  

She's the ideal individual to make it happen. I have 100 percent certainty about how Stephanie McMahon will help the organization."

Stephanie's dad is right now being scrutinized after reports of a concealed undertaking he had with a previous worker surfaced in the Wall Street Journal.