US and China discuss Trump-era tariffs Biden seeks to ease

Tuesday, US and Chinese authorities reviewed US financial authorizations and taxes amid reports the Biden administration is near shifting back the trade demands imposed by former President Donald Trump.

The lifting of taxes and endorses and the fair treatment of Chinese undertakings are areas of worry to China, 

Vice Premier Liu He let us know Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in a video call Tuesday early daytime Beijing time, 

As per an assertion from China's Ministry of Commerce. The two authorities last talked in October.

As per China, the different sides examined financial approach and balancing out worldwide stockpile chains 

It is crucial for the US and China to continue correspondence and coordination in those regions to support both nations and the rest of the world.

The discussions were realistic and productive, as per the assertion.

The US described the discussions as "genuine and meaningful", yet the authority readout of the gathering didn't mention taxes or authorizations.