Vanessa Hudgens tries out Hailey Bieber's viral "glazed donut" nails 

"Glazed donut" nails are the hottest manicure for summer 2022.

In the moment that Hailey Bieber debuted her shimmering sheer manicure during the 2022 Met Gala, 

fans had a blast trying to replicate the manicure that was neutral.

Today, Vanessa Hudgens is showing her own take on the style, thanks to the same nail artist.

The Los California-based nail artist and celebrities Zolzaya Ganzorigt invented the much-copied look and then revealed the exact tools 

she employed to create the style on her Instagram immediately after the event.

Beauty experts have been trying to imitate the nails since then with more than 7.4 billion users on TikTok dedicated to the trend, which is now viral. 

While Bieber's manicure was more feminine pink Hudgens opt for a more opaque, white, using the OPI's fan-favorite  

OPI Funny Bunny and OPI Chrome effects in Tin Man Can -which is a true match with everything.