"We Created a Monster"- Michael Phelps' Coach Opened Up on His Olympic Journey

There's an expense for significance, yet at times you don't understand it until it's past the point of no return.  

At the point when individuals take a gander at Michael Phelps, all they see is 23 Olympic golds, 39 world records, and a phenomenal swimmer who proceeded to turn into a legend 

In any case, each second he spent being the best swimmer ever, he neglected to recognize the psychological well-being issues that made him defenseless.

Mentor Bob Bowman, who significantly assisted shape his inconceivable profession, additionally let him with throwing things that annoyed him away from view for his Olympic magnificence 

At the time he was contending, the world just considered Michael Phelps to be an extraordinary swimmer 

Be that as it may, underneath the skin of an extraordinary competitor was a man battling with emotional wellness crumbling he stifled until he was unable to hold it in any longer.

Since mid 2000, Phelps had only one objective at the top of the priority list, and Bowman did all that to assist him with arriving at that objective.