A Look at the '21 Jump Street Cast: Where Are They Now? More from Johnny Depp and Holly Robinson Peete. 

Following an effective sudden spike in demand for Fox, 21 Leap Road and its cast have kept tracking down a spot for themselves in media outlets. 

Subsequent to wrapping up after five seasons, the hit series motivated a brief side project named Booker about the person Dennis Booker (Richard Grieco).  

A film variation was subsequently evolved with Jonah Slope and Channing Tatum carrying the cherished series to the big screen in 2012.  

More than twenty years after 21 Leap Road initially appeared, Nguyen drilled down into bringing the exploring job of Harry Truman Ioki to life. 

"I just had one of those minutes like, 'Good gracious, I'm on this show, and I have absolutely no part of that.' I simply love how the person was written. 

"I don't sit and contemplate 'I'm a trailblazer and various stuff you're centred around landing one more position to continue to work yet it makes a big difference to me. 

"The producer likewise commended the heritage that 21 Leap Road had the option to abandon. "It was pretty moderate in those days. 

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