What Space Is Left for the iPad in the Newest M2 MacBook Air?

The Mac lineup from Apple keeps improving. However, the iPad is still a work in progress.

With the most recent M2-equipped, updated MacBook Air, Apple appears to have produced a fully working and useful notebook. 

The Mac line feels more resilient than ever, contrary to how it once appeared to be declining into irrelevance. 

A large question mark stands in the way of this being a good moment to purchase one: What about the iPad?

When the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros were introduced last fall, my colleague Daniel Van Boom pondered these issues.  

With a new mainstream laptop and an iPad OS that resembles the Mac, the differences are blurring. Insufficient.

The decision is still unclear, as I was discussing with a coworker who was considering purchasing a MacBook Air against an iPad with keyboard.  

The MacBook has improved in areas like battery life and processing speed and is still very functional, but it still has an outdated laptop design without a touchscreen.