What? Will Taylor Swift appear in a significant Disney sequel? 

Taylor Swift's life,While the news of her upcoming Midnights album is reason enough to celebrate, Swifties are also rejoicing over her significant victory at the VMAs. 

 She won Video of the Year for the 10-minute "All Too Well "Taylor's Version" music video. Additionally, we eagerly await news regarding the upcoming early record re-release.

Reports are floating around that T-Swift is working on another project that would have her playing a significant part in a major Disney sequel. 

In the town of Alaus in the Chimborazo department of Ecuador, Smith was captured on camera on Thursday. 

 which was released last year and starred Emma Stone as the titular villain. This makes the rumored casting of Swift all the more intriguing. 

The webpage claims Moviegoers with keen eyes could see a photo of the "I Knew You Were Trouble Singer" in the backdrop of a Cruella scene 

During the upcoming D23 Expo, which also includes the key Marvel Cinematic Universe unveiling, will Disney confirm any of this information? The wait to learn the answer won't be very lengthy.