What's the reason Shailene Woodley feels like she's being 'cared for' following Aaron Rodgers breakup

Shailene Woodley posted her Instagram followers an update on her life following her split from Aaron Rodgers, gushing about how "nurtured" she feels.

"To this month in June and putting macro-whack world events aside for a moment and on a micro scale 

You have gave this woman a head-to-toe massage and her heart." The "Big Little Lies" star, who is 30, captioned her Instagram post on Wednesday.

"You provided me with oxygen through friendship, babies, trees Magic, dancing animals, salt, deep conversations, sun and six packs of laughter 

and being available in the form of tears, games and sunrises, hallway tag and a lot of fun pita bread hellos and goodbyes" she said.

Woodley wrote that an "beautiful intelligent Italian living in New York" told her she would have the "best month of her life, 

noting that the prediction was "not incorrect." The "Big Little Lies" actor said that June was the "best month of the year"

on Instagram. The "Secret Life of the American Teenager" alum concluded, "God i'm grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !"

Woodley has been posting frequently her latest activities on Instagram in the past month. 

ranging from watching her former friend and co-star Miles Teller in "Top Gun: Maverick" to travelling to Morocco.