When switched on, the iPhone 14 Pro might have one notch in the form of a pill.

One for the camera and one for the FaceID system (the "hole + pill design," as consultant Ross Young put it) would be located at the top.

the screen of the 2022 iPhone models, according to leaks. The two notches will combine to form a single pill-shaped notch.

when the iPhone's display is turned on, according to a recent leak from MacRumors, which cites "an unnamed informant.

In addition, the source claims that the business "intends to visually enlarge the blacked-out areas around the cuts to host content.

To put it another way, the iPhone might use this empty space for something, and it might adjust the size of the notch to suit.

This rumour is consistent with recently disclosed patents that include recommendations to isolate the phone's IR light emitter from the main notch.