Who Ends Up On The Iron Throne in House of the Dragon? 

By ramya

october 18,2022


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1The concept of the ‘House of The Dragon’ story has been the succession plan for King Viserys ever since the leap, 

 and it appears like this week's episode will finally address what happens when things really go south. 

On the basis of the novel, this is who ascends to the throne and, more significantly, who retains it. 

According to the book, the citizens of the Red Keep begin announcing Aegon's kingship,  

almost immediately after Viserys dies, with signs stating "Long live King Aegon" on the streets. 

Aegon figures it's an excellent opportunity to take Dragonstone for himself while Rhaenyra is camped out in King's Landing

He must battle Baela Targaryen to obtain it, but he succeeds despite suffering severe injuries and effectively losing the use of both of his legs. 

 He returns to King's Landing and reclaims the throne after killing Rhaenyra and effectively opening the way to it once more. 

Siobhan McSweeney aspires for anarchy after Sister Michael's death.