Why is Kanye buying the Free Speech Platform?

By priya

october 20,2022


image credit :google

One of the famous and well-known singers by the name of Kanye West 

 who is just taking over the social networking site parler who keeps on touting himself as a free speech alternative to Twitter, 

 announced the tribunal in a news medium. 

 Parler said it had simultaneously reached a preliminary understanding 

and was anticipated to close at the end of the year, but that is unlikely to happen.

 Only a few days ago, Ye made the decision to purchase the Twitter rival.

At that time, he had just rejoined Twitter and Instagram when he posted messages about Jews that caused him to be locked out of both platforms.

News that the hip-hop mogul is buying the contentious "free speech" social media app ,

Parler has abruptly changed the course of the drama.

According to Parler's developer, Parlement Technologies, the parties anticipate closing. 

 the sale in the fourth quarter of 2022, therefore the transaction is moving very rapidly The cost was not made public.

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