Will smith apologise to chris rock after slap in oscars 2022

Will smith shared a video apologises to chris rock

The slap made smith to ban from oscar awards for 10 years from all the organisation award

Smith said in the video posted on youtube I will say to you chris I will apologise to u my behaviour was unexpectedly and I am whenever you're ready to talk

Will smith further apologise to chris mother and his brother tony rock

Will smith said that he didn't expect how many people got. Hurt in the moment and I want to apologise to his mother and brother tony rock

Will smith added it was probably irreparable he clarified that his wife didn't tell anything 

after she rolled her eyes alopecia joke that sparked the conformation

Will told disappointing people of him will cause him mentally emotional and psychological

Smith wrote I am in line I made a mistake and he said he was feeling shy because of behaviour

Then smith went out from grid and he resurface in india while interacting with fan