WNBA star Brittney Griner caged for five hours as part of a show trial

The ongoing war in Ukraine is leaving Vladimir Putin and Russia in an exceedingly difficult geopolitical position 

, but European nations continue to engage in battles outside of the battlefield, as Brittney Griner demonstrates.

In Russia, Griner has been tried for drug smuggling charges, but there is speculation that he's being subjected to a mere show trial.

After she was caught with cannabis oils in her luggage, Griner could be sentenced to a Russian prison for 10 years.

According to Griner's wife, the basketball star was being treated inhumanely on the first day of the trial.

In spite of Griner's 6ft 9in height, she was forced to travel to court from home in a small cage for five hours with her knees bent.

"In a tiny cage in which she sits with her knees bent and her feet up, she goes to court in a very, very, very small cage,