Would Keanu Reeves make a good Batman?

Keanu Reeves as of late told "Extra" that he was unable to be more anxious to depict Bruce Wayne in a film with a shockingly reasonable tone.

"I love Batman, personally. I love him in the comic books, in the films, so to get the likely opportunity to voice, 

To play Batman was magnificent, "Reeves said at the "Super-Pets" debut in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Robert Pattison's new depiction of Batman in "The Batman" was applauded by the "System" star, who might bounce in the Batmobile. 

"Nevertheless, there's … Pattinson has Batman the current second and he's doing perfect, so maybe somewhere far off," he said.

Christian Bale, the entertainer who played Batman, has as of late said he is available to doing another film - as long as Christopher Nolan arranges the task.

"I have a little part in this film, generally an appearance," 

Reeves noted in examining his continuous spiced up work as the Dark Knight.