Yellowstone's Cole Hauser Explains Why Rip Finds It Kinda "Weird" That He's Married to Beth

By kumari

September 29,2022

When Yellowstone Season 5 debuts, there won't be any of the anxious perplexity.

Or Life-threatening panic that marked the start of Season 4's first episode 

 Watchers can take comfort in the knowledge that Rip and Beth begin.

 That the season is bigger than ever as a husband and wife.

With the Season 4 finale honouring the fan-favorite pair with something like a wedding arranged by a kidnapped priest.

Cole Hauser discussed the largest transition that Rip goes through in his post-wedding lifestyle. 

He explained why the circumstance feels a little foreign to him. 

At least in the beginning, while actually talking to EW in the most general ways imaginable as to where Yellowstone will begin with Season 5 stories.

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