Yellowstone's Kelly Reilly Takes Aim at the Character Beth May Hate as Much as Jamie: 'She's Going to Destroy Her' 

Yellowstone's Beth Dutton isn't somebody whose s — t show you need to be on,

A reality that Summer Higgins took in the most difficult way possible after she laid down with the human cyclone's daddy in Season 4.

So as Season 5 rolls around, the extremist could feel like she's more secure in a correctional facility than even close to John. 

Beth maintains that her dad should be blissful," portrayer Kelly Reilly tells TVLine. 

She simply has no regard for this specific lady.

She sees Summer as a foe, somebody who has positively no regard for their lifestyle.

 just come in with this exceptionally fundamental comprehension, imagining that [ranchers] every fair redneck.

Beth won't walk her through it," she proceeds. "She's about to unobtrusively annihilate her 

What's more, it's so natural for Beth to do that.