You hold the record when you see a blue-eyed fox in this optical illusion in less than 25 seconds

Puzzle lovers were disappointed as they tried to find the blue-eyed fox in record time.

A lone creature with no brown eyes is hidden in the shell of the optical illusion.

According to their cunning creators Book an Eye Test, solving a puzzle takes an average of 1 minute 13 seconds.

But a smart player could find a unique fox among his colleagues in just 25 seconds. 

This means that if you see a blue-eyed animal this season, you hold the record.

If it's hard to find, look a little to the left.

It strikes me as a strange visual trick with photos of the trio of Adele, Kanye West and BAnga, who seem to have their faces turned upside down - but it can all be a little weird when you turn the phone.

In the meantime, you can also call yourself a record holder if you find a skipper in this puzzle that can hold your mind for 28 seconds.

Equipment for winter sports is hidden in the middle of the beach environment with parasols and dozens of sunbeds, in a stunning optical illusion. 

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