You'll have to work hard to locate these hidden skis in this beach illusion within 28

You can tell a lot about your mental slopes when you find skis rapidly in this tropical optical illusion.

Winter athletic gear is hidden under the surface of a busy, beachy scene with red lounge chairs, palm trees, umbrellas, dolphins and an airplane.

According to The Sun, you will become a "record holder" if you find the skis in 28 seconds or less.

As a way to make the illusion more difficult to solve, crabs and starfish were inserted into the sand. Okay, get your stopwatch ready and — go!

Trouble with it?blems?re not alone. The skis are perched in the photo’s bottom left area and are disguised by being blended in with a chair back.

You're havingl illusions like this one are a fun diversion but also can hold scientific value for medical professionals. You're havingan help researchers shed light on the inner machinations of the human mind — as well as how it reacts to its surroundings.

Is there something wrong?ake perception for granted, and rarely think about the hard work that underpins everyday tasks, such as seeing a cup of coffee in front of you,