ZIPS CarJet Brite Car Wash At Chicagoland

By priya

october 20,2022


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ZIPS expands its Midwest presence by entering the Chicagoland region and acquiring three additional locations  

"For outstanding operations and a laser-like emphasis on providing each customer with an excellent car wash experience 

 western suburbs after growing over the past 22 years to 11 locations.unlimited washes is now available at Jet Brite Car 

To establish a number of additional Jet Brite facilities in 2023 and later, ZIPS has teamed up with Shadow Equipment. 

We both understand what it takes to create a successful business model In order to better serve all clients 

ZIPS will also take advantage of the advantages that a company of its size can offer in terms of improving the customer experience. 

 more than 250 facilities spread across 24 states. Its headquarters are in Plano, Texas. Additionally, there are five Mega Wash facilities 

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