While Elvis Week 2022 is underway, Priscilla Presley displays odd behaviour and memory issues.


Priscilla Presley pleased her fans by gracing them with her attendance at Elvis Week 2022, however many are worried about the possibility that she’s horrible in her memory in the wake of showing her strange way of behaving during the merriments. Radar is informed that Elvis Presley’s ex, 77, mishandled her words and had many confusing errors while talking about The King, whom she was hitched from 1967-1973.

An observer uncovered that while outside Graceland, the chateau she once imparted to Elvis, at the yearly candlelight vigil administration on Monday, Priscilla over and over wished her previous spouse a Happy Birthday as opposed to discussing why they were there, which was to commend the 45th commemoration of his passing.


“Priscilla alluded to it as Elvis’ birthday,” a source told RadarOnline.com. “She said it was Elvis’ 45th birthday celebration and, surprisingly, requested that the fans say, Happy Birthday Elvis! Some did while others stood paralyzed at her way of behaving.” The Elvis fan said she “alluded to this demise commemoration as his birthday commonly direct, I thought she planned to have the group sing, Happy Birthday. She never adjusted herself or even acknowledged she was not at his birthday festivity.

So odd!”While certain fans chalked up the birthday reference to Scientology Priscilla has been a long-term individual from the congregation our Elvis insider, who’s been going to Memphis for Elvis Week for north of 30 years, demands she’s “NEVER alluded to this as a birthday.”


That’s what they say “fans are simply rationalizing this exceptionally odd way of behaving.” We’re informed the candlelight visual wasn’t the main time during this past Elvis Week that Priscilla got befuddled or had memory issues.

Our source says while presenting Elvis’ unique TCB Band, she failed to remember her ex’s buddy and drummer Ron Tutt spent away the year before. “During the huge show, she came in front of an audience with Andy Childs and his band. Priscilla pivots and says, ‘I simply need to express welcome to Ronnie….wow they’re not over here yet. Is it safe to say that they are? No! Glen D Hardin is here? Also, Jerry Scheff is here?'” the insider uncovers. “While Andy is shaking his head to affirm.


She clearly has no idea they are not in front of an audience. What’s more, more regrettable, she doesn’t recall that Ronnie Tutt, Neil Diamond’s drummer, died in October of 2021,” they make sense of, adding, “Priscilla had posted a photograph of herself and Ronnie Tutt and sent sympathies to his family on Instagram.” “Clearly, this is a memory issue.” Radar has connected with Priscilla’s rep for input.

Regardless of the odd way of behaving, we’re informed Priscilla “wasn’t powerless or weak” and she “looked perfect.” However, she’s gotten through a few misfortunes throughout recent years, including losing her grandson Lisa Marie Presley’s kid Benjamin Keough.

Elvis’ just grandson ended it all in 2020.


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