Why Chris Pine And Florence Pugh Missed The ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Event at NYC

Chris Pine And Florence Pugh

Another “Don’t Worry Darling” promotional event, this one in New York City, has been missed by Florence Pugh.

 Chris Pine And Florence Pugh

Pugh and Chris Pine recorded a message for fans explaining that they will be unable to attend Monday’s screening because she is now filming “Dune: Part Two” in Europe and he is working on a production in Los Angeles.

The “Little Women” star opened their joint message by saying, “Even though I’m working halfway across the world, and I’m all the way in Los Angeles in production myself,” to which Chris responded.

We didn’t want to miss this chance to express our gratitude for coming to see ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ in IMAX, so we kept going, said Pugh.

 Chris Pine And Florence Pugh

Pine expressed his hope that the viewers will love the film by informing them they were in for a “thrilling ride” at the end of the video message.

Chris Pine And Florence Pugh

Pine, 42, and Pugh, 26, skipped the New York City event amid accusations that they had a falling out with the director Olivia Wilde,

but the former “House” actor and Harry Styles walked the red carpet alongside co-stars Sydney Chandler and Gemma Chan.

Earlier this month at the Venice Film Festival for the psychological thriller’s global premiere, the “Star Trek” actor and the “Midsommar” star made their most recent public appearance together.

 Chris Pine And Florence Pugh

Pugh chose to merely present on the red carpet, missing the pre-premiere news conference that Pine attended as well.

The film’s cinematographer reportedly remarked that the set was “harmonious,” and Wilde, 38, has played down any speculations of a falling out with Pugh.



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