Why Didn’t Come Out Until Her 30s: Nikki Blonsky

Nikki Blonsky

One of the fortunate growing actresses out there might be Nikki Blonsky. Guess went to an audition for a recent picture musical without any prior acting knowledge and won the part of the lead in 2007’s

Hairspray while helping a high school employment ice cream at Cold Stone! Although everyone remembers her steamy on-screen kiss with co-star Zac Efron, the 33-year-old actress came out as a lesbian a few years ago. This certified cosmetologist examines her ruling to wait until she is in her 30s to come out.

: Nikki Blonsky
: Nikki Blonsky

In Allison Interviews, Nikki Blonsky examined how it carried her until she was in her 30s before knowing she was gay. This New Yorker felt she was a little late to the dating game. The majority of Nikki Blonsky’s time was spent minding children and preparing for her forthcoming musical career while her friends were out enjoying life.

: Nikki Blonsky

Dating was the last thing on this obstinate overachiever’s mind with such a heavy workload. Blonsky did not even experience her first kiss until working on the Hairspray set.

 Until Her 30s
Until Her 30s

she clarified she was gay, she was engaged with Christoper salute. Blonsky also had great pride from admirers approaching her today to express their gratitude for her portrayal of Tracy Turnblad and the impact it had on their lives. It appeared as though she might be Ricki Lake The few opportunities Blonsky landed after Hairspray included co-starring in the ill-fated ABC Family series Huge, guest starring in two episodes of Smash, appearing in the

movie version of Geography Club, and playing the lead in the off-Broadway production. Even if Nikki Blonsky was a little late in the coming-out game, it’s still better than never. I’m delighted she has a sincere connection with somseems right to her now.


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